Online Courses

To keep our doctors informed of the constantly changing legal environment, and to ensure that our physicians have all of the necessary loss control measures in place, Silver Rock Risk Solutions is proud to introduce our Loss Control and Risk Management (LCRM) seminars and e-learning modules.

The CME accredited online program is a joint venture with Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) and is designed to provide our doctors with the tools needed to eliminate frivolous claims as well as protect them when a claim is filed. The research behind this online loss control educational series was gathered from information obtained from clinical peer review cases, as well as facts surrounding the most catastrophic malpractice lawsuits in the United States.

Together with APS, Silver Rock Risk Solutions aims to reduce the claims made by our physicians. Advanced Practice Strategies’ personalized learning platform, GNOSIS™ delivers customized patient and perinatal safety e-learning content, strategic risk management strategies and performance improvement tools to improve the practice of medicine. To begin, please click on the login button below. For any registration questions regarding the registration process, risk CME requirements or risk management, please dial 844-735-7625 Ext. 7720 or email



Periodically, Silver Rock Risk Solutions offers free accredited seminars to our members. Topics relevant to your current practice and the most up to date Risk Management research are presented by experts in their fields. Attendance at one of these live programs can be applied to the LCRM education requirement in place of the online modules, if you so choose.

Details for upcoming seminars can be found to the right, under Upcoming Seminars. For more information regarding upcoming seminars or for questions regarding risk management or risk CME requirements, please dial 844-735-7625 Ext. 7720 or email

As a reminder, it is necessary for all subscribers to attend one seminar or complete Silver Rock Risk Solutions' APS online courses during their respective initial policy year. Thereafter, requirements will be based upon their current tier status. Failure to complete the Loss Control Risk Management requirements will be reflected during renewal eligibility. Qualification for preferred risk discounts will be affected.

Upcoming Seminars

We will sponsor a live Loss Control Risk Management seminar in the coming months. Additional details will be forthcoming.